Thursday, July 3, 2014

Exodus of TCVA administration personnel to take Restroom Break During working hours

I was hoping that my first post would be something nice about The Cambridge Village (Cainta) but I guess it can't be helped. It took some time to post because I was thinking of what to post but this recent conversation with an administration assistant irked me so much that I think it would be a disservice not to tell you guys about it.

So I arrived home at 12:55 this afternoon and I said to myself I need to call the administration office 5 minutes after so as to not to disrupt the lunch break hour. I decided to do some house chores first and when I remembered to call it was 1:14 pm already. My first call did not go through as nobody was answering. Odd? It's way past the start of working hours right? My second call was answered after 5 rings by a guy who greeted me "Good morning!"

I replied "Good afternoon!" and requested for him to connect me to the person responsible for housekeeping. He responded that he can't do that because the person-in-charge went to the restroom. Understandable. I was ready to say goodbye and to just call again when I remembered I saw the notice on the ground floor informing residents that the bill for electricity and association dues are out but I haven't received mine. I asked for the person-in-charge of finance and the administration assistant told me "Yun nga po lahat po sila nag-CR." Did I hear that right? Everyone is in the restroom? As in everyone? Is there an epidemic in the administration office that all personnel are in the loo at the same time? Is this like high school where all girls should go together when they need to go to the comfort room? Is there no personnel who can actually do the job when these girls are taking their sweet personal time?

I have nothing against taking a leak any time you need to but couldn't they take shifts since its way past the start of working hours and its odd that all the heads (which apparently all girls) had to go take their personal time at the same time. I find that very unprofessional. This is an administration office and I expect some administering to happen but if you are MIA because you can't go to the loo without your girlfriends then what does that say about how you treat your job?

I can understand at some point why girls need to go together but when it intervenes with working hours which you are paid and expected to be in your station to work its just ridiculous. Much worse the administration assistant even tried to give an explanation "Eh di nga po ba katatapos lang ng lunch break kaya siguro po nag-CR sila." I find it irritating that I had to explain to this administration assistant how lame in so many levels his explanation is.

It can't be helped that I have to call the TCVA administration office again. Still TCVA personnel this is just disappointing. I didn't think you could go this low.

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  1. I called the TCVA office and talked to personnel in charge of housekeeping department. She says that it is true that she was in the restroom but it is not true that all heads of personnel were also in the restroom. She said one was in the technical room and the other was outside talking to someone.

    I asked her if the administration assistant is still under training because the way he answered the call was really disappointing. She said that the said personnel is a hired employee and she would call the attention of this person (I really don't know what that means but I hope its for the best). I admire her for apologizing for having no administration personnel around to attend to residents' concerns. I appreciate that.

    Anyway, I am not sure if this was really a case of restroom buddies or just an unfortunate incident. I hope that it is the latter but I would like this to be documented just as well so that there is a record that this thing can happen in TCVA. If you have a similar experience you can comment below so we can find a solution together.